About Us

DirectMed was founded in 1997 with the simple idea that there had to be an easier way to help customers find high quality and affordable plastic medical components.

Before DirectMed, customers had two choices when designing and sourcing hospital disposable assemblies and kits. The first was to go direct to several different manufacturers to source all the different required components. This approach required coordinating manufacturing schedules and settling for a narrow variety of components that were exceptionally expensive to have customized. Compounding the difficulties involved in dealing with multiple manufacturers was difference in cost competitiveness across regions or countries. The other option was to go to “big box” distributor and settle for stock components that didn’t quite meet the overall requirements but would do. Distributors were also focused on volume and cost of product, not on functionality of the final product. In the end, the choice was between a complex process that was expensive, or a cheaper, easier process that yielded a mediocre solution.

DirectMed gives you a third option: A hybrid model that combines the best of both approaches and adds high value customer service. The organization was design to solve five key problems:

1. Do you need a standard part?
DirectMed stocks an extensive array of standard medical components.
2. Do you need a standard part in a different material, size or color?
DirectMed maintains tight strategic relationships with suppliers who have the expertise and technology to modify molds and manufacturing processes quickly and efficiently.
3. Do you need something completely different?
DirectMed provides engineering and design guidance, liaising product development and launch activities between customer, manufacture, and regulating agencies.
4. Do you need it priced competitively from the global marketplace?
DirectMeds suppliers are located around the globe, leveraging the skills and resources of different markets to minimize the cost of every component
5. Do you need effortless communications and confidence that components will be delivered on time?
DirectMed’s customer service organization was built to speak the language of the customer and be well versed strategic sourcing, planning and global logistics.

The success of DirectMed’s model is evidenced by the steady growth of the number of markets we serve. We serve customers in the US, EU, Asia, Central America, and South America.


DirectMed, Inc. global headquarters are located at: 98 Pratt Oval, Glen Cove N.Y. 11542 U.S.A. Our headquarters are home to a climate controlled warehousing facility and our extensive customer service team; who are fluent in 5 languages — English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Feel free to contact us in your language of preference at sales@directmed.com.

DirectMed’s suppliers consist of ISO-Certified manufacturing facilities in Italy, Germany, Mexico and Taiwan.

DirectMed maintains three sales offices, two in the United States and one in the EU.


Supporting North, Central and South Americas

Louis Pagliara (VP Sales)

98 Pratt Oval

Glen Cove,

Franco Pagliara (Sales)



Supporting Europe and Asia

Clemens Nadler (Sales Manager)

Office: +49.5661.924125
Mobile: +49 1702058255
Quillerstrasse 35