Custom Tooling

Our design team will take your project from paperwork to prototype to final product. When OEM components do not suit our client’s needs precisely, our manufacturing centers enable us to provide the perfect custom solution.

Custom Tooling for your Medical Components

DirectMed has access to thousands of OEM medical components. However, sometimes it’s just not possible to source a product that meets your specific requirements. This is usually because the part simply does not exist or does not exist at your desired price point. In such cases we leverage our long-standing relationships and decades of experience to deliver the custom tooling solutions you need.

State-of-the-art Tooling Centers

Our global network of medical component manufacturers features multiple, logistically-convenient, state-of-the-art manufacturing centers. When OEM components do not suit our client’s needs perfectly, these centers enable us to deliver the perfect solution.

Once your mold is designed and manufactured, we can begin prototyping followed by mass production to suit your volume needs. There are two options to consider when partnering with us for custom tooling. First, we can create the mold for you based on your designs, or we can utilize an existing mold that has already been fabricated. Keeping the injection molding of components and tubing under the same roof as the assembly of your device is a great way to optimize your supply chain. Moving your production location is a major factor that should be considered if you have already partnered with us for contract manufacturing.

Design & Consulting

Our design team will take your project from paperwork to prototype to final product. We consult on every aspect of the creation of your custom component. We assist in discovering the best dimensions, the most compatible medical grade material and optimal functional design. Our design team works with you to make sure that all bases are covered and that the first prototyping run is a success. After the proper design is conceived, we create a custom mold that meets 100% of your device functional requirements.

Delivery and Turn-around

Given the multifaceted nature of custom medical component projects, they can quickly become a logistical time sink. However, with our extensive, mature manufacturing network and expert, multilingual staff, we can streamline the process of implementing component manufacturing into device production. Our efficiency is strongly tied to our firm belief in getting the conceptual design right the first time.

We absolutely want to have a conversation with you about your ongoing project requirements. Contact us, give us a call +1(516)656-3377 or mail us sales@directmed.local.