Manufacturing Capabilities

We can customize just about any aspect of every product we make.

DirectMed specializes in helping our customers design and source high-quality medical components from around the world. As a distributor combining the best of straight-line manufacturing and custom-made design, we are flexible enough to adapt to our customers’ production and delivery needs. We can select or design the perfect part for a particular function. We work with the best manufacturers around the globe to produce the highest quality components to precise specification. With over twenty years in the industry, our objective has always been to provide top-quality products and a first-class customer service experience from design to delivery.


Our customer’s journey begins with the selection of an existing product in our range or with a custom design of a medical component. We provide engineers and buyers with an extensive array of medical components by either visiting our website or by requesting a printed catalog. We readily send samples – we understand the importance of having the item on hand. We can modify standard items to fit a customer’s unique requirements for tubing size or type of material. When a stock product does not meet a requirement, our engineers and designers assist with taking an idea from concept to production, providing support through the entire development process right up to obtaining regulatory agency approval.


We fulfill production requirements by using our extensive network of manufacturers in the medical industry. Our partners have extensive experience in plastic injection molding and are up to date in the latest technology. Qualified DirectMed manufacturing partners are located throughout the US, the EU, Mexico and Asia. All of our partners provide:

  • Extensive plastic injection molding and over-molding capabilities
  • Clean room molding, packaging, & kitting
  • Part design & mold design
  • Mold qualifications & process qualifications
  • Robotic pick & place
  • CMM/Vision System Inspection
  • ISO13485 certified operations
  • Strong financial stability and sustainability


The process concludes with the DirectMed team designing a fulfillment process which meets the needs of our customer’s supply chain. DirectMed has over 20 years of experience with international and domestic shipping and logistics. We are experts on systemizing the on-time delivery of our customer’s orders. Additionally, we have extensive inventory capabilities that can easily support a Kanban or Just-In-Time (JIT) inventory process.

  • Shipping and freight forwarding expertise
  • Integrated JIT delivery systems
  • Kanban style scheduling
  • Flexibility with both terms and international payment options
  • Extensive warehousing capabilities on multiple continents