Global Connections

With support staff and manufacturing partners all over the world. We can help your product gets to market on schedule, with no difficulties.

We designed DirectMed’s sales and service delivery model to make it it easy for our customers to quite simply talk to us.

Web sites and catalogs are only the first step in building relationships that lead to great solutions for our customers. Through years of experience we have found that medical component design and sourcing requires strong collaboration between our staff and our customer’s engineers, buyers, product managers, shipping departments, quality departments, and of course, senior executives. Starting with the initial contact for a component through its final delivery to a customer’s stocking bin, DirectMed’s staff will be by your side to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Sales & Engineering Support

Easy communication starts with our multilingual staff. Located in the US, EU, Asia, and South America the DirectMed team is fluent in 5 languages (English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish). Our personnel are local to our customers and our suppliers, so they understand the nuances of different localities and easily navigate client projects through cultural specialties, governmental regulations and requirements, and shipping logistics.

DirectMed also believe meeting a customer in person is exceptionally important. Our sales and senior executives make numerous trips throughout the year to the markets we serve, meeting with our customers and our manufacturing partners. We also make ourselves available by attending numerous international trade shows throughout the year.

Our Trade Show Schedule.

Centralized Service Delivery & Logistics Control

Coordinating manufacturing and supply lines on a global scale requires significant expertise and tight communication between customers, shippers and manufacturers. For this reason, we base our Service Delivery & Logistics Control organization out of our headquarters in New York. Our highly trained staff leverages years of experience and the latest ERP planning software to make sure things go as planned for our customers. When a physical presence is needed, our foreign based staff serves as a rapid response team, ready to mitigate any problems that might occur at a customer site or a supplier facility.