• Berman and Guedel Airway styles available
  • from 40mm - 110mm OD
  • PVC, PE and Teflon resins available
  • custom colors and sizes available

see our medical Airways


  • tethered and untethered
  • custom color, size, material, fittings, available
  • full custom cap design and manufacturing

see our medical Caps

Carmo Medical Components

  • Drain valves, caps, connectors and tube flanges
  • Spike ports
  • Inflation/deflation valves
  • Security fasteners

see our medical Carmo Medical Components


  • Drip and Expansion chambers
  • Custom colours and materials
  • Choice of connector types
  • Chamber accessories

see our medical Chambers


  • Pinch Roller Clamps, Slide clamps (open and closed) and Tubing Clips
  • specialty clamps - Bag Outlet Clamps, Umbilical Clamps, Catheter Clamps, Colostomy Bag Clamps, etc.
  • non-reopening clamps
  • custom colors, materials and configurations

see our medical Clamps


  • all configurations - bi, tri, manifold
  • slip, barbed, luer fittings
  • cardio connectors
  • all standard sizes
  • custom colors, resins, sizes available
  • ENfit connectors

see our medical Connectors

ENFit Enteral Feeding System

  • Syringes
  • Caps and connectors
  • Ports
  • Ballon and non-balloon buttons
  • Adaptors

see our medical ENFit Enteral Feeding System


  • Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic types
  • Syringe, epidural styles
  • Full customization and modifications

see our medical Filters

Injection Sites

  • Needle and Needle-less types
  • T, Y configurations
  • Custom port configurations
  • Custom ID/OD
  • Custom connector types

see our medical Injection Sites

IV Flow Regulators

  • More accurate and consistent than clamps and gravity
  • Rates from 5ml-350ml/hr
  • All types and sizes of connections
  • Custom colors, markings, materials

see our medical IV Flow Regulators

IV Spikes

  • All sizes and connectors
  • Vented and non-vented configurations
  • Custom colors and sizes
  • Caps

see our medical IV Spikes

Kit Accessories

  • Surgical equipment and accessories
  • Syringes
  • Guide wire holders
  • Probes
  • Masks, bags

see our medical Kit Accessories


  • Male, female, slip
  • Collars, locks
  • Luer adaptors and transitions
  • Custom colors, sizes, configurations
  • Custom connector types

see our medical Luers

New Products

  • New ENfit connectors
  • Stopcocks, pinch clamps, lures
  • Customizations and modifications

see our medical New Products


Portacath Vascular Access Ports
  • All sizes
  • Many connector choices
  • T and Y configurations
  • Caps
  • Fully customizable

see our medical Ports


  • From 1 to 6 way stopcocks available
  • swivel, rotator and slip lure fittings
  • pressures up to 1050 PSI
  • polycarbonate, custom resins and colors

see our medical Stopcocks


  • All common sizes and configurations
  • ENfit Enteral syringes available
  • Customizable

see our medical Syringes


  • PVC or DEHP-Free
  • all standard od/id available
  • custom colors, custom lengths
  • matched connectors

see our medical Tubing


  • Check Valves, drain valves
  • Dual flow
  • Luer Activated
  • Touhy Borst
  • Haemostasis
  • Inline and On/Off valves

see our medical Valves