OEM Components

Components supplied to OEM standards of design and quality, with full regulatory compliance.

Inventory and Relationships

DirectMed has been supplying components for medical devices for more than 22 years. We are intimately aware of the regulatory oversight that governs the medical device industry and we have access to a global supply chain that allows us to provide you with thousands of OEM components.

We have spent the last two decades building and consolidating relationships with medical component manufacturers. These deep relationships only come with time, familiarity and an affinity for cultural values, ethics and shared common objectives. It is these relationships which enable DirectMed to assure the timely, accurate sourcing and fulfillment of your OEM components.

We maintain an exhaustive inventory of samples and because we are always involved in design and development projects, we understand the challenges faced by customers trying to maintain the best quality at the best price possible. We have spent decades making sure our supply chain is reliable and ethical and we are able to assure that the OEM components you order are a “perfect fit” for your medical device manufacturing needs.

Regulatory Compliance

All our components include the relevant regulatory oversight information, including, but not limited to:

  • RoHs
  • ISO Compliances
    • ISO 80369-3
    • ISO 80369-4
    • ISO 80369-5
    • ISO 80369-6
    • ISO 80369-7
  • Conflict Mineral Compliance
  • California Proposition 65
  • USP Class VI Biocompatibility Standards
  • 510K coverage for all IV Administration sets and Extension sets

Samples in Inventory

Our exhaustive and readily available sample inventory reduces costs and lead time.

  • Regulatory information is on file
  • Detailed technical drawings are available.
  • The tooling and design process have been completed for our OEM products

Rest assured that if we can’t source it, chances are the part does not exist. That’s where our decades of experience working with customers on custom tooling and contract manufacturing projects come into play. We will work with you to provide an EXACT solution to your product needs.

We absolutely want to have a conversation with you about your ongoing project requirements. Contact us, give us a call +1(516)656-3377 or mail us sales@directmed.local.